Cher and Hillary Clinton Team for ‘Sip Tea and Elect Democrats’ Fundraiser

Cher and Hillary Clinton at Hillary Clinton's Birthday Party at the Hudson Hotel in New York City. October 25, 2000 (Photo: Nick Elgar/ImageDirect)
Nick Elgar/ImageDirect

Left-wing pop star and leftist activist Cher is teaming up with Hillary Clinton on Thursday for a virtual fundraiser, “sip tea and elect Democrats,” meant to raise money to elect dozens of Democrats ahead of next week’s presidential and congressional elections.

“THURSDAY. Join me and [Hillary Clinton] to SIP TEA AND ELECT DEMOCRATS,” Cher wrote on Twitter this week.

Tickets for the event start at just $10 and go all the way up to $5,000 for a premium ticket that includes a “pre-event reception with Hillary & Cher.”

“Chip in $10 or more to join our virtual conversation with Hillary Clinton & Cher on Thursday, October 29 at 4:30 PM ET,” the event’s description read. “Don’t miss this un-BELIEVE-able opportunity to hear from these two icons! Anything you donate will help elect over 50 House candidates and other Democrats on Election Day.”

The event comes just days before next week’s presidential election in which both women are desperately fighting for a victory for Joe Biden over Donald Trump.

As part of her 73rd birthday celebrations on Monday, Clinton pleaded with supporters to make a final push to remove Trump from office, four years after her devastating defeat in the 2016 presidential election.

“It’s my birthday. Here’s my one wish: that you reach out to one person in your life who may not vote this year and encourage them to turn out for Biden-Harris,” she wrote on Twitter. “All of us have more power than we know.”

Cher, meanwhile, has become gradually more unhinged about the prospect of Trump’s possible in recent weeks. Speaking at a Biden rally in Nevada this weekend, she proclaimed that America will be left with “nothing” in the event of a Trump victory other than “what Putin’s idea of heaven is.”

“Vote, because, if you don’t vote, we’ll have nothing. If he gets another four years in office, we will have nothing,” she declared. “We will have Putin’s idea of what heaven is. We will have Erdogan’s idea of what heaven is. We will have all of these people, all these autocrats who will have his ear, who will be paying him money, and we will have no power.”

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