Cher Says She Will Get COVID-19 Vaccine Only After ‘Joe Gets Vaccinated’


After promising not to get a COVID-19 vaccination so long as Donald Trump is in the White House, pop star Cher has issued an amendment to her proclamation, saying she would welcome the injection but only after Joe Biden is vaccinated.

The Oscar-winning Hollywood celebrity, who campaigned for Biden, claimed that she knows the Democratic presidential candidate would “never put us or our country in danger.”

“I Said I Would Never get Vaccine as long a trump was in White House,” the singer-actress tweeted Wednesday. “Moment Joe Gets Vaccinated I will Get in line & Get my vaccination.This has Nothing to Do With my Respect,& Love For Joe.I Know Him..HE WOULD NEVER PUT US OR OUR COUNTRY IN DANGER.”

Cher declared earlier this year that she would refuse a COVID-19 vaccination under Donald Trump’s presidency, claiming that it would be unsafe.

In recent days, prospective COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer have shown nearly 95 percent effectiveness in trials. Under President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, the pharmaceutical companies have been working to develop a vaccine in a public-private partnership designed to speed the development, production, and distribution of a cure against the Chinese virus.

The mainstream media — including the Washington Post and the New York Times — have sought to downplay the success of Operation Warp Speed, erroneously reporting that Pfizer’s vaccine isn’t a part of the program, when in fact it is.

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