Street Artist Sabo Demands Recall of ‘Dirtbag’ Gavin Newsom as Latest Stay-at-Home Orders Begin

Courtesy unsavoryagents
Courtesy unsavoryagents

As most of California goes back under stay-at-home orders, the street artist Sabo is urging the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom, calling the Democrat politician a “dirtbag” and a “crappy individual” for taking away people’s rights.

In a video message obtained by Breitbart News, Sabo lashes out at Newsom and argues that lockdowns are all about controlling people and taking over the country.

“It takes a special kind of dirtbag to shut down Southern California beaches on the fourth of July,” Sabo said. “And then to have the balls to try to dictate how many friends and family members you can have over for Thanksgiving. And then to cancel Christmas. You only see that in the movies.”

He added: “I had to come up with a way to hang this crappy individual’s head in effigy.”

The video shows a group of people hanging a cutout of Newsom’s head on the Ballerina Clown statue in Venice Beach. The effigy, which features the word “Recall” written across the governor’s face, went up in October.

Watch below:

Sabo then argued that today’s lockdown orders and social justice mania are ultimately power plays by the left.

“During China’s Cultural Revolution, the Red Guard determined the way to take over the country was to do away with their four ‘olds’ — old ideas, old cultures, old habits, old customs,” he said ,”That’s why they’re doing away with our holidays. That’s why they’re shutting down our businesses, taking down our statues, poisoning our pastimes like football and basketball.”

“This has nothing to do with your health. These are vile people and Gavin Newsom is one of them. We’ve got to recall Gavin Newsom.”

Unsavory Agents

California’s new stay-at-home orders went into effect on Sunday. They come after Newsom was recently caught partying at the exclusive French Laundry restaurant, where he mingled indoors without wearing a mask or observing social distancing in direct contradiction of the state’s recommendations.

Unsavory Agents

Sabo has repeatedly targeted Newsom with his street art, which you can find at his site unsavoryagents. In May, he plastered the L.A. area with posters depicting the Democrat governor as a character out of American Psycho.

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