Danish TV Network Launches Children’s Show About a Man With a Giant Penis


A Danish TV network has launched a new show, reportedly aimed at audiences between the ages of 4 and 8, about a man with an unrealistically large and retractable penis.

A new animated Danish children’s series, John Dillermand, features a man with a penis that can extend several feet, and can be used as a third arm to complete tasks — such as walking a dog — and can be pulled back into his body in a similar way one might retract a tape measure.

The show follows Dillermand as he uses his penis to engage in “rescue operations, money-making schemes, and cooking demonstrations in order to teach kids the importance of overcoming hardship and celebrating diverse bodies,” according to a report by Decider.

As the Guardian reports, the show’s name John Dillermand appears to be a phallus reference, as “diller” means “penis” in Danish, and “Dillermand” translates to “penis-man.”

The show, which Danish outlet Ekstra Bladet referred to as being about a man with a “long, magical penis that often gets him in trouble,” targets children between the ages of 4 and 8, and has sparked heated debate among parents.

“We do not believe the series is harmful in any way,” said a network executive to Ekstra Bladet.

“Our content is based on a long tradition of being true to the target group,” the statement continued. “With the series, we acknowledge the budding curiosity about the body and genitals, and also the embarrassing and funny thing about the body — it is something that is exciting for the exact age group that Ramasjang addresses.”

“John Dillermand is a fictional and humorous universe where we want to tell a funny story that captures the kids,” the statement added. “It is an animated series where humor, exaggeration and magic are at the center, which is something that children know and can easily decode.”

You can watch Season 1, Epsiode 1 of John Dillermand here.

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