Trevor Noah Mocks ‘People Who Praised Andrew Cuomo Last Year’ After Calling Himself a ‘Cuomosexual’ Last Year

Comedy Central

Comedy Central’s Daily Show host Trevor Noah mocked people who praised New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) last year. Noah, however, previously called the New York governor’s response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic “inspiring” and “refreshing” and even referred to himself as a “Cuomosexual.”

“I’ll tell you, all those people who praised Cuomo so highly last year, those people really don’t look so smart now,” Trevor Noah said on Monday, making a self-deprecating joke, as he had previously praised the New York governor.

In an interview with The Ellen Show host Ellen DeGeneres last year, Noah said, “It genuinely has been very inspiring and refreshing to see a leader like Cuomo.”

“I saw people online falling in love with him,” he added. “There’s a group of women who came out and they said, ‘We’re falling in love with Cuomo,’ and I said, ‘Well, yeah, everyone should be a Cuomosexual in that way.'”

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“He’s also taken blame for things where he says, ‘Look, I understand that I’m doing certain things that people are going to hate me for, and I’m willing to make these decisions, because I think it’s the best thing for human life,” added the Daily Show host.

One year later, it turns out that Noah’s previous remarks had offered a bit of foreshadowing, as the public now appears to have a lot of disdain for the New York governor, who has recently fallen under fire for his administration’s handling of the state’s nursing homes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A directive the governor made last March forced nursing homes to accept coronavirus-positive patients in order to free up hospital beds — a move that resulted in additional nursing home deaths, which Cuomo’s administration was later accused of underreporting.

But the scandals encompassing Governor Cuomo don’t end there.

“We have to talk about the political scandal that is rocking the country,” Noah said on Monday. The Daily Show host went on to play a montage of video clips from news outlets breaking down the multiple sexual harassment accusations recently made against the New York governor.

Among those clips included Cuomo’s defense of himself, in which the governor stated that he was just trying to be “playful.”

“Guys, of course he was being playful, I mean, imagine your much older, politically powerful boss turns to you and says, ‘When was the last time you were really hugged?’ That’s super playful. Can’t you feel your skin crawling with delight?” quipped Noah.

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“Even if Cuomo did think that he was just being playful, it’s still not okay,” Noah continued, using a more serious tone. “This is what bosses never seem to understand. If you’re a boss, you should never be flirtatious with your employees.”

“Because as a boss, you’re basically a dragon. Nobody’s ever trying to hug a dragon. They’re just trying to get out of the cave in on piece,” he added.

“So right now things are looking pretty bad for Governor Cuomo. He’s facing investigations, and even calls to resign,” The Daily Show host continued, adding:

You know that it’s not good when you’re the person in trouble, and you’re like, “Guys, please, remember all those people in nursing homes I got killed? Let’s talk about that again.”

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