Nolte: Mother of Chrissy Teigen’s Latest Bully ‘Victim’ Michael Costello Speaks Out

Chrissy Teigen, left, and J.J. Watt, of the Houston Texans, present the AP offensive rookie of the year award on stage at the 4th annual NFL Honors at the Phoenix Convention Center Symphony Hall on Saturday, Jan. 1, 2015. (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Invision for NFL/AP Images)
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The mother of Michael Costello, the latest person claiming to have been ruthlessly bullied by Chrissy Teigen, is speaking out.

Teigen, an aging model who repositioned herself online as a Super-Woke Gestapo Agent while pushing her cookware, had the roof cave in on her last month after model Courtney Stodden revealed how Teigen mercilessly bullied her, including encouraging her to kill herself.

Stodden was only 16 at the time.

Teigen publicly apologized to Stodden and then went dark on social media as Bloomingdales, Macy’s, and Target announced that their cookware deals had ended with her.

Then, on Monday, in a lengthy Medium post, Teigen reemerged with what amounts to an open apology letter to all the people she’s been cruel to over the years.

It was this apology that apparently prompted Michael Costello on Tuesday to release text messages, allegedly from Teigen, where she tells him he deserves to “suffer and die.”

“You might as well be dead,” the screenshot of Teigen’s alleged direct message reads. “Your career is over, just watch.”

At the time, Costello was the victim of an online hoax vindictively launched to smear him as a racist and destroy his burgeoning career.

Costello says he was pleading with Teigen to stop spreading the lie.

Teigen has neither confirmed nor denied Costello’s claim.

Teigen’s open apology letter also appears to have motivated Costello’s mother, Nancy Costello, to speak out. Obviously furious at Teigen, she told Fox News Tuesday, Teigen’s alleged bullying “broke her heart.”

“It terrified me,” she added about her son’s suicidal thoughts at the time. “The damage is done. She never knew that Michael would post those text messages. It would have meant a lot to Michael if him, his collaborators and supporters would have heard her speak his name. Maybe now she will do something right.”

“I feared that Michael would take his life because the fashion industry is his life,” she explained. “If he loses that, he feels he has nothing to live for.”

“He just knew this needed to be exposed. We don’t know what Chrissy’s problem is. When I saw this yesterday, I was terrified. I wanted to just drive to him,” Nancy Costello added.

Fox adds that “Teigen’s apology written on Monday failed to mention his name and [Nancy Costello] demands she issue a new one.”

There are a few takeaways from this, the first being that Chrissy Teigen is undoubtedly an absolutely hideous human being. We’ve all posted things on social media we’ve had to apologize for, especially in the early days when we were figuring this new phenomenon out and testing the boundaries. But how many of you can say you told a 16-year-old girl to kill herself?


And this wasn’t some nobody on Twitter telling this girl to kill herself. It was a famous supermodel married to John Legend with 12 million Twitter followers.

And then there’s this poor Costello guy. Believe me, I am far from perfect, and on more than one occasion, the targets of my criticism have reached out to me to complain or explain. If I was wrong, I apologized and tried to remedy the mistake. If they were wrong, I said so. If they were trying to emotionally blackmail me into changing an accurate story, I told them to go to hell. But if what Costello posted is accurate, and there’s no reason to believe it’s not, this guy was fighting for his life, offered to talk to her personally and explain, and she was so enthralled of the mob, of the witch-burning, she not only didn’t care about the truth, she told him to “suffer and die.”

So, of course, this is the same monster who morphed into a Woketard. Of course, she did…because Woketardery allows you to be a demonic and unforgiving bully behind the shield of virtue.

Finally, Teigen’s admitted to using Twitter to tell a 16-year-old girl to kill herself, a clear violation of the site’s terms of service, and yet she remains on the site.

Let me close with this…

Chrissy Teigen deserves the same spirit of forgiveness she’s offered to others.

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