Nolte: Ratings Jump After Emmys Dump Jimmy ‘Blackface-N-Word-User’ Kimmel

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It looks like all Emmy had to do to boost its pathetic ratings was dump Jimmy “Blackface-N-Word-User Kimmel as host.

Last year, in 2020,  Jimmy “Blackface-N-Word-User” Kimmel hosted the Emmys, and the show hit a record low of just 6.3 million viewers.

This year, with Cedric The Entertainer as host and Jimmy “Blackface-N-Word-User” Kimmel nowhere to be found, viewership jumped by more than a million viewers to 7.4 million.

Wow, what a negative difference Jimmy “Blackface-N-Word-User” Kimmel can make, amirite?

Watch below: 

Oh, and this is not the first time a significant award show benefited from dumping  Jimmy “Blackface-N-Word-User” Kimmel.

Back in 2019, ratings for the Academy Awards jumped nine percent after Jimmy “Blackface-N-Word-User” Kimmel was dumped as host.

The 72nd Emmy Awards, broadcast live on ABC, pushed vote-by-mail with the ceremony’s host Jimmy Kimmel being handed a list of Emmy nominees by actor Anthony Carrigan, who played a Russian from Florida, donning a USPS uniform. (Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images)

Even better, 2019  was the year the Oscars chose to go with no host. So, no-host drew more people than Jimmy “Blackface-N-Word-User” Kimmel as host.

But before we get all sloppy and start taking warm showers together celebrating Emmys’ big ratings comeback, let’s remember that it’s not a big ratings comeback.

Ten years ago, the Emmys attracted 13.5 million viewers.

In 2000, a whopping 20 million people tuned in.

Trust me, 7.4 million viewers is still a catastrophe for the Emmys. It’s just less of a catastrophe than last year when Jimmy “Blackface-N-Word-User” Kimmel hosted.

Yes, trust me, a mere 7.4 million viewers is still a country-wide rejection of these hideous racist elites who somehow managed to award 12-out-of-12 acting awards to white people. Oh, and who also forced their servants to wear masks as they ran around maskless.

Does anyone doubt Jimmy “Blackface-N-Word-User” Kimmel is ratings poison? He can barely bring in a million viewers a night to his own show, and he’s on a broadcast channel available to 300 million people.

Everything  Jimmy “Blackface-N-Word-User” Kimmel touches dies.


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