Another ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Rap Song Goes Viral with Nearly 1 Million YouTube Views

Screenshot/YouTube/orgiato Blow
Screenshot/YouTube/orgiato Blow

“Let’s Go, Brandon” has transformed from a jocular meme into a ubiquitous subject for protest songs about President Joe Biden, with the latest rap adaption of the chant from rapper Forgiato Blow going viral to the tune of nearly 1 million YouTube views.

As of this writing, the music video has generated over 969,000 YouTube views and has been steadily climbing since being published last Monday.

Wearing a shirt that reads, “Fuck Biden,” the music video features Forgiato Blow jamming out rhymes as he’s surrounded by a swarm of patriotic Trump supporters.



“Sleepy Joe ain’t got no support,” he sings in the video. “Hunter Biden better show up to court.”

The video hits on a variety of Trump-favorite subjects, from “Stop the Steal” to mask and vaccine mandates.

The video debuted the same week that rappers Loza Alexander and Bryson Gray released their own takes on the “Let’s Go, Brandon!” phenomenon.

As Breitbart reported, controversy erupted when YouTube deleted the music video from Bryson Gray for allegedly pushing medical misinformation regarding the pandemic and coronavirus vaccines.

Last week, a ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’ song by rapper Loza Alexander jumped to the top of iTunes‘ hip-hop chart.



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