Fans Rage at Chrissy Teigen over ‘Squid Game’ Themed Party: ‘Beyond Tone-Deaf’

Shay Mitchell; Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Fans of the Netflix drama Squid Game are angry over disgraced Joe Biden supporter Chrissy Teigen and her pricey party based on the popular South Korean show, calling Teigen “tone deaf.”

Teigen and her husband John Legend hosted a party last weekend based on Squid Game, a show in which people in major financial debt perform a series of life-threatening challenges in an attempt to win a copious amount of cash inside a large glass piggy bank.

The left-wing former model and her husband enlisted the help of party planners Wife of the Party to construct the event and transform their home to look like the show’s set, according to a report by People. The party featured a maze staircase, bunk beds, and the large money-stuffed piggy bank.

Teigen also shared photos from the party on Instagram, revealing that she chose to dress as the giant creepy doll from a scene in the show in which hundreds of characters are forced to play “Red Light, Green Light,” and are fatally shot if they fail to remain still when the doll turns around during “Red Light.”

“where do I even begin!! what an absolutely epic night. my dream came true of watching my friends fight to the death! dunk tank, musical chairs, hide and seek followed by a very riveting final game of pin the tail on the donkey,” Teigen wrote in her Instagram caption.

Fans, however, were not impressed with the party, and shared their outrage over the event that they found to be “tone deaf.”

“I’m sorry rich people are literally so tone-deaf,” one Instagram user commented. “‘Squid Game’ was literally about people whose lives were so awful because of being poor that they’d rather play a game of literal life or death to escape going back to poverty and Chrissy Teigen is really reenacting it in her mansion.”

“Usually I’m a fan of Chrissy Teigen but there’s something super fucked up and weird about spending the weekend cosplaying ‘Squid Game’ with your incredibly rich friends,” another wrote.

“This is so beyond tone deaf as a millionaire to invite your rich friends over and reenact squid games,” another complained.

“Rich people dressing up as characters from Squid Game… way to miss the point of the show. Super tone deaf,” another commented.

***Spoiler Alert***

Toward the end of the first season, ultra wealthy characters watch the indebted characters from behind a two-way glass mirror as they desperately try to complete the Squid Game challenges without losing their lives. The wealthy characters also place bets on who they believe will win, and laugh with one another as they watch, sitting comfortably on couches and consuming cocktails.

Watch below:

The former Sports Illustrated model has faced heavy backlash over the year after her years of cyberbullying — which included telling model Courtney Stodden to kill herself when she was a minor — was revealed in May.

In August, Teigen — who campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and joined her husband Jon Legend to campaign for Joe biden — attended former President Barack Obama’s maskless and “sophisticated” 60th birthday bash at his $12 million estate in Martha’s Vineyard.

Afterward, Teigen shared photos of herself with her husband singer John Legend at Obama’s lavish estate, and also revealed that she is in therapy twice a week after being exposed for her years of cyberbullying.

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