Biden Bashing ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chant Breaks Out at Morgan Wallen Concert

Ed Rode; Alex Wong/Getty Images
Ed Rode; Alex Wong/Getty Images

A President Joe Biden roasting “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant reverberated throughout the Simmons Banks Arena over the weekend from fans who came to see country music star Morgan Wallen in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

‘You love to see it,” wrote a Twitter user, who posted video of fans chanting “Let’s Go, Brandon,” which is the less profane version of “Fuck Joe Biden.”

Watch Below:

The popular anti-Biden chant was derived from an NBC reporter at a NASCAR Xfinity Series race incorrectly stating that fans in the stands were chanting, “Let’s Go, Brandon” following a victory by driver Brandon Brown. The crowd was actually chanting, “Fuck Joe Biden.”

Since its inception, the chant has been heard in various different arenas and settings, from collage and professional and college sports stadiums and arenas, to concerts, and even on commercial flights.

Last week, the Biden-bashing chant was heard in the stadium at country music star’s Chris Stapleton concert.

“Let’s Go, Brandon” has even spurred several chart-topping hit songs, such as rapper Bryson Gray’s hit, “Let’s Go Brandon” mocking Biden, which soared to #1 on the iTunes charts last month, ranking above pop superstar Adele’s latest single.

Another song called “Let’s Go Brandon” by rapper Loza Alexander also made its way to #2 on the iTunes charts.

“Fuck Joe Biden” and “Let’s Go, Brandon” chants have also been proclaimed during vaccine mandate protests from New York to California.


The anti-Biden chants have even gone global, making their way to Italy, where protesters were heard shouting “Fuck Joe Biden” as they passed the American Embassy in Rome during an anti-coronavirus mandate protest last month.


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