Rob Schneider Rips Biden Over Inflation: ‘Consider Never Voting Again for These A-Holes Who Hate You’

Manjunath Kiran; Jim Watson/Getty Images
Manjunath Kiran; Jim Watson/Getty Images

Comedian and actor Rob Schneider has targeted the Biden administration for mockery over its inability to get a handle on soaring inflation, including energy prices. “Build back broker!” the Hollywood star joked.

Rob Schneider was responding to recent news that Americans will pay more than they ever have for their Thanksgiving meals. The average cost of a typical Thanksgiving dinner for ten has soared 14 percent to $53.31, compared to last year’s $46.90, according to the Farm Bureau.

The price of a 16-pound turkey has skyrocketed by 24 percent to $23.99, or approximately $1.50 per pound.

Schneider also noted that during the Donald Trump administration, the U.S. had become energy independent thanks to a boost in domestic oil and natural gas production. The Biden administration has reversed the progress made under Trump by scaling back oil and gas production and shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline, with plans to close other pipelines.

Biden’s energy policies have hit consumers hard in the wallet, with the price of gas and heating oil hitting record highs.

The comedian urged his followers to “consider never voting again for these a-holes who hate you.”

NBC News was widely ridiculed this week for suggesting consumers consider giving up turkey this Thanksgiving as a way to deal with inflation. “Some guests may drop off the list. And that’s a way to cut costs too,” reporter Vicky Nguyen said on the Today show on Saturday.

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