Jason Aldean, Wife Brittany Aldean Ring in New Year with ‘the G.O.A.T.’ Donald Trump: ‘This Man Is Unbelievable’

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Country music star Jason Aldean rang in the New Year with former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, stating, “This man is unbelievable,” and referred to Trump as “the G.O.A.T.”

“Well, this New Years was the best of all time. I got to spend a couple days with the G.O.A.T…… this man is unbelievable and I wish u all could see what he does behind the scenes. #classact,” Aldean wrote in an Instagram caption, sharing a photo of himself and his wife Brittany Aldean alongside President Trump.

The Instagram post also included a few other photos of Aldean appearing to receive golfing advice from Trump himself.

“Perfect, you’re so good,” Trump can be heard telling Aldean in a video of the two on the golf course.

Brittany Aldean also shared the photo of her and her husband with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, writing in her Instagram caption, “Best New Years EVER. Here’s to 2022.”

Another Instagram post shows Jason and Brittany Aldean posing for another photo on a red carpet in Palm Beach, Florida.

In November, Jason Aldean said that “fear of backlash” has been keeping country music star silent, adding that he has no choice “but to speak up.”

“I think people know where I stand politically. I’m not a guy that’s just going to go out there and start trying to stir the pot just to stir the pot,” the country star said. “At some point, it’s gotten to where if you’re a conservative and you’re in this business, you’re not allowed to speak.”

Brittany has echoed Jason’s sentiments, telling her nearly 2 million Instagram followers, “I think you’d be surprised how many people do agree but aren’t able to speak about their views,” adding, “I personally don’t give a damn if people don’t agree with me.”

In September, Brittany shared photos of their children wearing anti-Biden shirts to social media.

The couple’s 3-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter wore anti-Biden shirts reading, “Hidin’ From Biden.” In another photo, Brittany is posing next to her husband wearing a shirt reading, “Anti-Biden Social Club.”

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