Nolte: Whoopi Goldberg Changes Story About Why Will Smith Wasn’t Ejected from Oscars

Dia Dipasupil; Robyn Beck/Getty Images/ABC
Dia Dipasupil; Robyn Beck/Getty Images/ABC

Whoopi Goldberg, who sits on the Motion Picture Academy’s Board of Governors, is now changing her story about why Will Smith was not ejected from the Oscars after his unprovoked assault on the much-smaller Chris Rock.

On Tuesday, while co-hosting The View, Goldberg made no secret of the fact that the reason Will Smith was allowed to remain in his seat was … skin color:

“The thing I also need to tell people is the reason no one got up to comfort Chris is that they weren’t going to let anybody else on the stage … There were people there for Chris,” Goldberg said.

“The reason people got up and went over to [Smith] is because I think a lot of people thought, ‘Oh my God, is he having a break? Do we need to get him out? What do we need to do?’ The reason they didn’t go and take him out is because that would have been another 15, 20-minute explanation of why we’re taking the Black man out five seconds before they’re about to decide whether he’s won an Oscar or not,” she added. [emphasis added]

Goldberg then admitted that she believed Oscar producer Will Packer made the correct decision in allowing Smith to stay:

Goldberg said that Packer made “the right decision” to let the show play out so that the situation could be dealt with later.

It’s all right there… And Whoopi is not some bystander. She sits on the Board of Governors, and she’s telling everyone that Will Smith was allowed to remain in his seat after committing an assault because of his skin color.

She also said that was the “right decision.”

Well, what a difference a few days makes… What’s happening now is what I told you would happen Monday. The outrage has grown as people processed how indefensible, ugly, entitled, and outrageous Will Smith’s assault was. And now, in the face of this growing outrage, especially against the Academy, Whoopi is changing her story.

Here’s what she said Thursday on The View:

After media reports came out today suggesting Oscar producers did not formally request that Will Smith leave the ceremony after slapping Chris Rock, or at the least gave Smith mixed messages about the request, Academy’s Board of Governors member Whoopi Goldberg insisted on today’s The View, “He actually was. He was asked to leave.”


When pressed by some of her View co-hosts as to why Smith was asked to leave rather than told to leave, she speculated about what that scenario would look like: “They come back from back from break, now if [Smith] is in some sort of state and he’s struggling and you’re trying to get him out the door and it’s on camera.” She added that Oscar producers and organizers even considered the possibility that Smith was having “a manic moment, because that’s not what he’s known for, smacking people and stuff.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa… Which is it, Whoopi?

On Monday, Whoopi told us, “The reason they didn’t” remove Smith was skin color. Will Smith wasn’t asked to leave because he’s black.

But now Whoopi’s saying he was asked to leave (which we’re now being told is a lie), and the reason no one pressed the issue is due to a concern about him being “in some sort of state, and he’s struggling, and you’re trying to get him out the door, and it’s on camera.”

Which is it, Whoopi?

In just two days, Whoopi went from, It would be wrong to ask a black man to leave, so we didn’t! — to —We asked him to leave, but he refused, and we were worried he might freak out!

Those are two totally different stories, entirely different.

This is what woke does to people…

Instead of basing your decisions and actions on right and wrong, you base them on meaningless horse shit like skin color.

Will Smith committed a physical assault on live television, and he was not only told he could stay, 40 minutes later, he was handed an Oscar and given two standing ovations.

What a disgrace.

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