Elliot Page Laments Society’s Obsession with Gender ‘Binary’ After ‘Time’ Cover, Oprah Interview During Trans Annoucement Press Tour

Time/Apple TV/Instagram
Time/Apple TV/Instagram

Transgender Hollywood star Elliot Page — formerly known as Ellen Page — laments society’s obsession with the gender “binary,” saying it is a cause of some of the negative reactions to the celebrity’s transition from being a woman to a man.

The star of Juno and Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy appeared Tuesday on NBC’s Late Night With Seth Meyers.

“I feel like it’s one of those things where it’s so unfortunate, because it’s like, we’re all on the same team here, you know? Whether you’re trans, gender-nonconforming, cis,” Page said. “We all have these expectations, and these, sort of, limits and constraints because of, yes, people’s obsession with the binary, and how we’re all supposed to live our lives.”

Page continued: “It would be so special for us to all be able to connect and talk about how similar we are in all of our journeys. ”

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The gender “binary” refers to the classification of humans into two genders — male or female. Transgender ideology posits there are more than just two genders and that people can identify however they feel along a gender spectrum.

Page said transitioning to a man has been uplifting.

“It’s improved my life drastically,” Page said, “And I hope, you know, I hope maybe people who do have an issue with me can maybe try and hear that, or embrace that on some level.”

Elliot Page’s claim that society is obsessed with the gender “binary” comes amid the mainstream media’s non-stop coverage of transgenderism, turning it into one of the most prominent cultural issues of the day. Page has been featured on the cover of Time and Esquire magazine and was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, on her Apple TV show, following the star’s gender transition announcement in late 2020.

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