Cher Calls Out California Gov. Gavin Newsom over Homeless Crisis: Get Your F**king Act Together

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/Twitter
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/Twitter

Left-wing pop singer and Joe Biden backer Cher took a swipe at California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom in a tweet on Sunday, blasting him for the state’s out of control homeless problem.

“Governor Newsom, I think you skate by on your quasi good looks,” Cher tweeted on Sunday.” It’s not enough! I would vote for you before any Republican, but I’d chew nails before I’d vote Republican. Gov. get your act together. Gov. Newsom, meet one of your constituents…”

Cher then attached photos of an apparent homeless man sleeping on a sidewalk.

In a reply to a fan noting that Newsom has tried to take care of the homeless, Cher scoffed, “OK, let them all sleep in the street, sidewalk covered by a tiny blanket.”

However, the actress and singer is right that Newsom has certainly struggled to address the growing homeless problem in California. Indeed, the entire rise in the nation’s number of homeless is due to the rise in California alone. While the homeless numbers overall went up by 2.7 percent, the rise in California was an eye-popping 16.4 percent.

Frederic J. Brown; Jason Armond/Getty Images

In March Newsom released his latest effort, “acting with compassion” to solve the issue with a program he is calling CARE Court — Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment. The policy still needs approval from the legislature.

The state has also taken wide criticism for spending billions of tax dollars on housing homeless people in hotels in a last-ditch effort to get them off the streets.

Meanwhile, the state continues to welcome illegal aliens — by some estimates there are more than two million there already — with a growing number of freebies courtesy of the state’s dwindling number of taxpayers, meanwhile, the state also suffers one of the highest number of homeless veterans of the U.S. military.

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