Exclusive — ‘My Son Hunter’ Star John James: ‘The Trailer Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg’

John James as Joe Biden in My Son Hunter. (Courtesy of MySonHunter.com)
Courtesy of MySonHunter.com

The trailer for My Son Hunter, which already has over one million views across social media, depicts just the “tip of the iceberg” in a movie that does not “pull any punches,” actor John James, who plays President Joe Biden in the film, said during an exclusive interview on Breitbart News Saturday, previewing the film ahead of its September 7 release.

“Well, you know, the amazing thing is this, the movie starts off with Lawrence, Hunter Biden, going to a strip club and go to the Chateau Marmont, where his father shows up with the Secret Service. And we have a 17 page 16 and a half page scene in the back of the SUV that Lawrence and I shot in one well, not in one take but it was we just did that in one evening,” James said, making it clear that what is seen in the trailer is “only the tip of the iceberg.”

Watch the trailer:

After reading the script, James said he absolutely had to participate in the film.

“I said, yes, I have to do this. I said I haven’t read a script like this where I actually laugh out loud,” James said, although he noted that it also “full of emotion because it’s quite the story.”

“Lawrence has described it —  Lawrence Fox who plays Hunter who’s brilliant in this picture, it’s just fantastic — he describes it as a gangster comedy, but it’s much more than that. There is emotion,” James said.

Listen below:

“It leaves you thinking, and you know that saying that art is emotion? And the trailer is already currently garnering, I should say if that’s right, a lot of emotion. So it’s a fine picture,” he said, briefly describing how he prepared to portray Biden.

“Well, as an actor, I had to step back and go to the basics. Okay. Am I going to do a caricature of him? Am I going to try and mimic him? Everything he does? And I thought, no, no, that’s not the right approach. Yeah, you know, I can look like him. I can have my hair bleached white, my eyebrows and do some of his gestures. But for me, I think the most important thing was to find the truth in my dialogue, speak to the truth of what I have to say. And that’s what I went for,” he told Breitbart News Saturday.

Lauren Fox and John James as Hunter and Joe Biden. Courtesy of MySonHunter.com

Gina Carano and John James in My Son Hunter. Courtesy of MySonHunter.com.

James also praised the film’s director Robert Davi (Licensed to Kill, Die Hard, The Goonies), particularly for his attention to detail throughout the film and the style he went for in the shots, which the actor said almost became a character in the film itself.

“They say actors make the best directors and good actors make great directors. And he is a fantastic actor. … He was all about the detail, the sets, everything had to be right, look right,” he said, explaining that Davi asked the director of photography to watch films such as the The Godfather and American Hustle for inspiration.

“That’s how it’s going to look. Order that equipment. Let’s do some test shots. And as you can see in the trailer, there’s a certain look the picture has, which is just, it’s great. And that look almost becomes a character in the film. Because that’s what you remember that–  that coloring, and he did that and as far as performances, oh my goodness,” James said, also detailing what it was like to be filming in Belgrade, Serbia decades after starring in Dynasty.

My Son Hunter director Robert Davi and actor John James. Courtesy of MySonHunter.com.

James also agreed that the film itself feels different than anything else seen in the conservative movement.

‘This is a this is very much a drama, right? It’s very much a thriller. It’s a drama, thriller comedy all kind of mixed together. It just so much it feels so different than anything we’ve seen from the control removing I think that’s exciting,” host Matthew Boyle told James, who adamantly agreed.

“Yes, it’s all of that. It’s outstanding. I think people will be shocked. It never stops. Lawrence is fantastic in this picture,” he said, describing the lengths the actor went to portray Hunter.

“The poor man. I almost felt like calling the medic or something … because of all this stuff you have to smoke and snort up his nose. This is this is right out there. We don’t pull any punches in the picture, and that’s a testament I think to Mr. Davi who wanted a certain picture. He wanted it this way. He wrote some of the script,” he said.

“And for you guys. I mean, this is–  this is the wave of the future,” he added, explaining how easy it is to download the movie at MySonHunter.com.

Courtesy of MySonHunter.com

The film will be available for streaming and downloading September 7, 2022.  You can PRE-ORDER your copy of My Son Hunter NOW at MySonHunter.com.


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