Dave Chappelle Slams Transgender Protesters: ‘If You Replace the Word ‘Transphobe’ for ‘N–‘ It Makes Perfect Sense’

Dave Chappelle
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Comedian Dave Chappelle shows no signs of making peace with the transgender activists who have waged a cancel culture campaign against him for years. In the latest episode of his podcast “The Midnight Miracle,” the stand-up great suggested that their favorite insult — “transphobe” — is the modern-day equivalent of the n-word.

Dave Chappelle recalled that protestors descended  on the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis last year ahead of his scheduled performance. The venue was a last-minute replacement after the First Avenue club cancelled on Chappelle due to pressure from trans activists.

“These were grown people of various genders and gender identities,” Chappelle said, according to a Variety report. “They threw eggs. They threw eggs at the [fans] who were lined up to see the show… They was doing all that shit. Throwing eggs and they had this rallying cry: they go, ‘Go home, transphobe.’ They kept saying that: ‘Go home, transphobe,’ and ‘fuck you, transphobe.’ It was really confusing, but if you replace the word ‘transphobe’ for ‘n–‘ it makes perfect sense.”

Chappelle elaborated on his beef with transgender activists.

“I’m not even mad that they take issue with my work. Good, fine. Who cares? What I take issue with is the idea that because they don’t like it, I’m not allowed to say it,” he said.

“Art is a nuanced endeavor… I have a belief that they are trying to take the nuance out of speech in American culture, that they’re making people speak as if they’re either on the right or the left.”

He added: “They want to be feared. ‘If you say this, then we will punish you.'”

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