Cyndi Lauper Compares Laws Banning Transgender Surgery on Children to Nazi Germany: ‘This Is How Hitler Started’

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 26: Cyndi Lauper onstage during Opening Ceremony 'WorldPrid
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Pop singer Cyndi Lauper committed the great reductio ad Hitlerum sin this week when she said that GOP-led laws banning transgender surgeries on children are just like Adolph Hitler. 

The “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” singer said Republicans pushing legislation that ban biological males from women’s sports, prevent children from undergoing gender “transitioning” surgery, and forces people to use the bathroom of their desired gender was similar to Nazis “weeding” people out. 

“Equality for everybody, or nobody’s really equal,” Lauper told ITK. “This is how Hitler started, just weeding everybody out.”

Lauper further said that LGBTQ people were considered “enemies of the state” in Nazi Germany and feared it has happened in the United States.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea what they’re doing but, you know, you just have to keep fighting for civil rights,” Lauper said. “I guess that’s the way it is in this country. Started out like that, didn’t it?”

Poll after poll has shown that a majority of Americans do not support children transitioning before the age of 18. Per Fox News:

The majority of Americans do not support transgender surgeries or anti-puberty blockers for minors, according to a poll from a conservative nonprofit organization.

The survey asked respondents whether they would support a ban on puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and physical sex-change surgeries for children under 18.

56% of respondents said they would support a ban, while 34% said they would not. A little over a third of those respondents identified as Democrats, while 37% identified as Republicans, and just under a quarter identified themselves as Independents, according to the survey by the American Principles Project Foundation.

Lauper came out swinging heavily for abortion last year as Roe v. Wade faced extinction when she launched a fund called “Girls Just Want to Have Fundamental Rights,” a group she says was inspired by her late mother.

“If you don’t have control over your own body, how can you be anything but a second-class citizen?” Lauper said. “Now, the government has control over your body — not you. What should be a private medical decision between you and your doctor is now a government decision. So, this is a big issue for me.”


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