Women’s Clothing Brand Anthropologie Features Male Model, Disables Comments After Getting Slammed by Customers


Women’s clothing brand Anthropologie posted an ad Thursday featuring a male model clad in dresses to its Instagram account.

The company ended up disabling the comment section for the post after its customers slammed the brand, vowing to never purchase Anthropologie products again.

“To quote @theharperwatters, ‘Never anthro-pologize for being fabulous! Loving these #UnexpectedAndUnforgettable looks.’ (Obviously, we couldn’t agree more!) Twirl to the link in bio to shop bold, beautiful dresses for every solo,” the brand said in the post’s caption.

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The ad featured male model Harper Watters twirling in dresses.

Anthropologie customers took to the comment section to inform the women’s clothing brand that they are not interested in seeing men dance in dresses.

The company then disabled comments for the post, so customers took to the comment sections of other posts to continue slamming the brand.

“Seriously? I don’t want to see a man’s bulge as he’s twirling in a dress,” one Instagram user wrote. “This is not the way to go Anthropologie. Looks like my recent purchases are going back to the store.”

“Later Antho. You should’ve learned from Budweiser,” another commented.

“Taking bets on how many times [Anthropologie] can silence women in one evening… First with the ad, and next disabling comments,” another said. “You may not hear us, but we’ve certainly gotten your message loud and clear.”

“A man wearing a dress and modeling your brand is a mockery to women,” another Instagram user stated.

“So you hired the patriarchy to sell women’s clothing then turned the comments off when we all weren’t jumping up and down in pigtails like Dylan Mulvaney over it?” another wrote. “ITS DONE. STOP ERASING WOMEN. Fire the director and marketing team. Save yourselves.”

“I’m so sad this is how you’ve chosen to represent your brand and women,” another said. “I have loved your store for as long as I can remember, and I’ve now unfollowed you and will spend my money elsewhere.”

“I will never purchase your products again,” another commented. “Go woke, go broke.”

Anthropologie is not the only women’s clothing company to recently abandon its “women only” branding by featuring males modeling its attire.

Last month, luxury lingerie brand Honey Birdette, which once prided itself on having high-end products “by women, for women,” changed its slogan to “a luxury brand for all” and posted an ad featuring a male clad in a bra and panties.

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