Arnold Schwarzenegger Apologizes for Groping Women: ‘It Was Bull S**t, It Was Wrong’

Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks in his keynote about digital sustainability during the Digital X event on September 07, 2021 in Cologne, Germany. More than 200 national and international top speakers - experts, visionaries, politicians, entrepreneurs, opinion leaders and critical voices - take part to discuss in two days of a full …
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Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is now apologizing for his years of toxic masculinity, says that we should “forget” all the “excuses” he made in the past, and that grabbing women was wrong.

The actor and one-time governor of California makes his admission in an upcoming three-part Netflix special documentary about the actor’s life being released in the wake of his new Netflix series, FUBAR, a streaming action series about a father and daughter CIA spy team, according to Variety.

Schwarzenegger was attacked by political opponents when he announced his campaign for gov. of Calif. in 2003 with accusations that he spent decades groping and humiliating women. At the time he struck out at the accusations as “made-up” and insisted he “never grabbed anyone.” Still, he also agreed he “behaved badly sometimes.”

But now he is admitting that in 2003 he was “defensive” over the accusations, and admits that he was wrong.

“Today, I can look at it and kind of say, it doesn’t really matter what time it is. If it’s the Muscle Beach days of 40 years ago, or today, that this was wrong. It was bullshit. Forget all the excuses, it was wrong,” he says in the documentary, Variety reports.

He also says that he was always shocked that he still won the election and was surprised that more people were not offended by the claims that he might have abused women.

Schwarzenegger, who ran for gov. as a Republican, has also advocated for many ideas at odds with views of conservatives and mainstream Republicans

Just last month, for instance, the Terminator star insisted that the climate change movement needs to rebrand itself as fighters of “pollution” because the term climate change does not engender enough passion of interest.

“As long as they keep talking about global climate change, they are not gonna go anywhere,” Schwarzenegger said in an interview this week on CBS’ Sunday Morning, Breitbart News reported. “Cause no one gives a shit about that.”

“So my thing is, let’s go and rephrase this and communicate differently about it and really tell people — we’re talking about pollution. Pollution creates climate change, and pollution kills,” he explained.

When the pandemic hit, the actor was all-in for vaccines, shutdowns and masks, and posted videos to social media encouraging people to vax up.

But he also went militant on the idea after getting tired of hearing from people who rejected his fealty to Faucism.

In Aug. of 2021, he went straight to name calling, saying that people who rejected the vax were “schmucks,” and even told those citing their freedom to choose their own medical procedures, “screw your freedoms.”

“Screw your freedom,” Schwarzenegger said before going so far as to liken mask mandates to traffic laws. “You cannot say, ‘No one is going to tell me that I’m going to stop here, that I have to stop at this traffic light here. I’m going to go right through it.’ Then you kill someone else, and then it is your doing.”

The Last Action Hero actor also doubled down on his attack on American freedoms and told The Atlantic that the topic of people who oppose vaccine mandates and forced mask wearing, “it’s the only subject that can make me lose my temper.”

Schwarzenegger’s attack on freedom caused him to lose at least one sponsor for his Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition.

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