Charlamagne tha God Slams Biden WH Cocaine Scandal: ‘There’s a Room in the White House with No Cameras? Ain’t No Damn Way’

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Radio host and author Charlamagne tha God slammed the inconclusive White House cocaine investigation during Friday’s The Breakfast Club radio show. “Let my people out of jail,” the show’s guest Chico Bean declared, pointing out the apparent hypocrisy of those involved in the federal government.

“The case remains unsolved. It is now closed,” The Breakfast Club co-host Tezlyn Figaro said. “The investigation has concluded with no forensic evidence or video. They’re not able to identify the responsible person. They said that this cocaine was in an area that did not have any video surveillance.”

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Charlamagne responded by saying, “Yeah right.”

“Do you mean to tell me that there’s a room in the White House with no video cameras? Ain’t no damn way. Knock it off,” Charlamagne reacted.

The Breakfast Club guest Chico Bean also chimed in, stating, “I am born and raised in Washington, D.C. — if they letting people get away with cocaine, let my people out of jail.”

“What is up with that? That’s crazy. You know, I mean, people have been arrested in the District of Columbia for cocaine, and they done found it in the White House and they can’t figure out who it is it belonged to. That’s crazy, man,” Bean added.

Bean and co-host DJ Envy also theorized that if the cocaine was really left in an area where there are no cameras, it’s because whoever brought the cocaine into the White House knew there would be no surveillance.

“That’s somebody that knew that angle,” DJ Envy said.

“Yeah, that’s where they do their cocaine at,” Bean added. “That is the spot to do the coke, and somebody forgot and left it, and then they found it, and now they don’t know who it belongs to. That’s crazy.”

“If they done found cocaine in the White House and they can’t identify who it is, don’t identify the people who sell it in the areas around the White House either,” Bean said.

On Thursday, the U.S. Secret Service said it has closed the investigation into the small bag of cocaine that was recently discovered in the White House, and that they were unable to find out how cocaine got into the building or who was responsible for it.

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