Blac Chyna Reunites with Mother to Celebrate Year of Sobriety: ‘No Makeup, Fillers Gone — This Is Who I Birthed’

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Model Blac Chyna, who now goes by her birth name Angela White, recently celebrated one year of sobriety in an emotional meet-up with her mother, who said, “Seeing her sober, no makeup, fillers gone — this is who I birthed.”

White got teary-eyed when she was surprised by her mother, Tokyo Toni, on her first anniversary of being sober, according to a report by E! Online.

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The 35-year-old and her mother reportedly had a period of estrangement but ended up reconciling earlier in the summer.

“I never thought I would get to this point,” White said, to which her mother responded by saying, “That’s what mamas are for.”

Toni added that seeing her daughter amid her sobriety journey has been a “surreal” experience.

“Seeing her sober, no makeup, fillers gone — this is who I birthed,” she said. “She’s a very beautiful person. What you see is what you get.”

Last September, White decided to give up alcohol, quit OnlyFans, undergo a breast and butt reduction surgery, and dissolve fillers in her face in a move to reverse the cosmetic work she had done to herself.

Additionally, she was baptized and received a doctorate from the Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College.

In March, White revealed that she had temporarily cut contact with her mother amid a rough patch in their relationship — but noted that she still loves her mom.

“I feel like we’ve tried to work out things and whatnot,” she said at the time. “Only thing I can do as a daughter is honestly just love her, ’cause she’s still my mom at the very end of the day.”

After reuniting with her daughter recently, Toni said, “I could have never imagined us like this after that mess because it was lies. It was a mess — this here, this is the truth.”

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