Nolte: Climate Change Deniers Harry & Meghan Use Oil Heir’s Private Jet

RICK RYCROFT/AFP via Getty Images/Kevin Mazur/WireImage
RICK RYCROFT/AFP via Getty Images/Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly used an oil heir’s private jet to attend a Katy Perry concert. This proves they are both Climate Change deniers.

The Sun reports that the Climate Change (Climate Change is a hoax) activists jumped on the private jet in California and landed in Las Vegas to see Perry’s final Vegas show at the Resorts World Theater.

During the 40-minute flight, the HarryMeg were accompanied by actress Cameron Diaz, her husband Benji Madden, and actress Zoe Saldana.

So… Five people on a single flight, and two of those people — The Harry Meg —enjoy lecturing the rest of us about Climate Change (which is a hoax).

But because this is the HarryMeg we are talking about, the hypocrisy runs even deeper than the usual-usual celebrity or politician who pays lip service to Climate Change (which is a hoax) and then jumps on a private jet. Get this…

In 2019, Harry actually launched a not-for-profit organization called Travalyst that encourages “environmentally friendly travel.”

“Changing the way we travel, for good” is the company’s motto, and we’re told Travalyst is “Founded by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex.”

“Together, our mission is to provide travellers with transparent, actionable information, empowering you to make more sustainable choices,” the website virtue signals. Under the caption “Why We Do It,” readers are told, “As one of the world’s largest industries, travel has a huge impact on wildlife, environments and communities across the globe.”


While the HarryMeg’s cultists read this tripe, Harry and Meghan laugh at you from the airy heights of a private jet.

I especially love the irony of the HarryMeg’s private jet being funded with oil money.

The bottom line here is that people who believe in something behave like they believe in something.

For example, I believe in watching a lot of TV, and I behave as though I believe that. You should see all the TVs in my house. You might not believe in watching a lot of TV. We may disagree on that point. But no one can question my commitment to the “watch more TV” cause. I live the change I want.

The HarryMeg lecture and scold us about how our lifestyles kill the planet. They shame us into changing our ways, and yet they do not change their ways. That private jet likely spewed more carbon in the air than you and I do over a full year. But the HarryMeg do not care because they know Climate Change is a hoax. The only reason the HarryMeg embrace the hoax is for status within the fascist crowd they are so desperate to hang with, and that’s the world’s left-wing elite.

Barry Obama tells you the planet is warming, which means the oceans will rise, and then he moves right on the ocean. Same with Bill “Epstein Island” Gates. CNNLOL tells us the planet is warming and then moves its headquarters right to the edge of the same water they tell us will rise.

Climate Change is nothing more than a hoax dreamt up by leftists as a backdoor method to push fascist policies. It’s a scare tactic based on lies, an easy way to sound virtuous without having to be virtuous; it’s bullying hidden in virtue.

Had they chose, the HarryMeg could’ve ordered a limo to take them to Las Vegas. It’s a five-hour drive, but five hours in a limo isn’t exactly roughing it. Instead, the HarryMeg chose to prove they are Climate Change deniers through their personal behavior and choices.

If the HarryMeg truly believed in Climate Change (which is a hoax), they would behave as though they believed. Through their behavior, Harry and Meghan prove they are Climate Change deniers.

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