John Lennon’s Son Sean: DEI Stands for ‘Dumb Evil Idiots’

Tim Mosenfelder; Haiyun Jiang/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Tim Mosenfelder; Haiyun Jiang/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sean Ono Lennon, the son of iconic singer John Lennon, has become quite the contrarian lately, from his knock against the media’s bias amid the coronavirus to his recent knock against Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

In an X post on Wednesday, Sean Ono Lennon rebranded DEI with a not-so-wholesome name.

“Have you guys heard of DEI? It stands for ‘Dumb Evil Idiots,” he said.


When a user asked him to define Environmental Social Governance (ESG), Lennon answered, “Exploiting Seems Good.”

Lennon also previously knocked the social justice warriors who claim to be fighting against “institutional racism.”

“To make a long story short: the people who claim to be fighting ‘institutional racism’ are doing so by creating institutional racism. And absolutely no one should be surprised by this,” he said. “And you can also supplant the word ‘racism’s with ‘oppression.’ It’s both.”

Sean Ono Lennon became a bit of a folk hero for contrarians in 2020 when he openly trashed the establishment media for pushing Chinese propaganda amid the coronavirus.

“Been listening to ‘respectable’ journalists quoting CCP official numbers for months without doubt or hesitation. Calling it the Wuhan Virus but only days later telling ppl who say it’s from China they’re racist. The official media have lost their legitimacy,” he said.

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