Rob Reiner Attacks Politically Active Christians: You Are ‘Antithetical to the Teachings of Jesus’

Rob Reiner, Director, Producer and Actor, addresses a news conference in Tokyo, Japan, Feb
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Hollywood Biden cheerleader Rob Reiner is once again pushing the left’s “Christian nationalism” boogeyman, saying conservative Christians who are politically active are “antithetical to the teachings of Jesus.”

Rob Reiner — who remains one of President Joe Biden’s biggest Hollywood fundraisers — spoke to Newsweek to promote the upcoming documentary God & Country, which Reiner produced.

“This movement that they have here seems completely antithetical to the teachings of Jesus,” Reiner said.

“Jesus was about peace and love and helping thy neighbor and those less fortunate than ourselves. And I thought that was something that we should all aspire to. So to me this movement is going totally opposite the teachings of Jesus.”

In his Newsweek interview, Reiner also blamed “Christian nationalism” for the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

“The Christian nationalist movement… it says that it’s my way or the highway and will resort to violence if we don’t get our way, which is what we saw happening on January 6,” he said.

“Christian nationalism” has quickly emerged as the left’s favorite new buzzword to scare its voter base into submission, with Democrat strategists and influencers trying to make it ubiquitous on the airwaves and social media.

The term refers to conservative Christians who are politically active and are organized around key issues, like abortion and support for former President Donald Trump.

Democrats have stepped up their “Christian nationalism” hysteria in recent months as young, anti-Israel progressives grow increasingly alienated from the Biden administration over the war between Israel and Hamas.

To reverse Biden’s cratering numbers, party leaders are attempting to create a common enemy — “Christian nationalists” — that will galvanize the left’s base come November.

God & Country, which opens in cinemas this week, is intended to be the latest prong in the left’s “Christian nationalism” messaging campaign.

But Reiner’s movie is already being questioned for playing unfairly.

As Breitbart News reported, a man featured prominently in the movie’s trailer  is not a Christian Nationalist and has no idea what one is.

Jon Tigges said, “I don’t know what Christian Nationalism is,” adding he has no idea why he is in the trailer.

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