Anonymous Donor Pays Off Mortgage for Cat Rescue

Tammy Nemec and her 80 rescue cats were on the …
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Tammy Nemec and her 80 rescue cats were on the brink of homelessness when their lease ran out at their former rental home. Then the community and a Good Samaritan stepped in and turned things around.

Nemec—the founder, president, and full-time caretaker for the nonprofit Rescue Cats Rock—moved with her 80 rescue cats into their North Fort Myers, Florida, home in January after cat lovers cobbled together enough donations to place a $35,000 down payment on the home, the News-Press reported.

But the biggest donation was yet to come.

One anonymous couple shelled out $75,000 toward the mortgage just weeks after Nemec made her first down payment. The couple showed up one day with a checkbook in hand after Nemec had purchased the home. The couple, standing in the middle of her new bedroom, told her they would be writing her a $100,000 check.

“I kind of lost my balance and sat down on the floor,” she says. “It was so surreal. And, of course, I was crying.”

“The man said, ‘My wife and I have been praying about this,’” Nemec added. “He said, ‘We believe this is God’s money. And we believe that God is telling us we should help you.’”

Moments after the massive donation, Nemec called up the vice president of Rescue Cats Rock to tell her the good news. Both of them could not believe their amazement.

“It’s really been a whirlwind in the best, positive way,” says Nemec. “And we’re only going to go up from here.”


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