Nolte: Researchers Say 4 Billion Masks Tossed Out Daily Could Cause Environmental Catastrophe

A discarded protective mask is seen on the side of the road in Los Angeles on February 21, 2021. - Many state and county public health departments have issued advisories against throwing masks and gloves on the streets and parking lots as it becomes a health hazard. (Photo by Chris …
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Around the world, every minute of every day, three million masks are tossed out. Let that sink in. THREE million masks are tossed out every MINUTE.

Every single day, on average, a little over four billion — with a “b” — masks are thrown out.

Every single month, 129 billion — again with a “b” — masks are tossed out.

And this does not include all the other protective equipment.

“Preventing masks from becoming the next plastic problem,” is the name of a research paper published this year and here’s the takeaway:

Recent studies estimated an astounding 129 billion face masks being used globally every month (3 million / minute) and most are disposable face masks made from plastic microfibers (Prata et al., 2020). With increasing reports on inappropriate disposal of masks, it is urgent to recognize this potential environmental threat and prevent it from becoming the next plastic problem.

Yes, there is a layer of plastic in all those disposable masks, and here’s a collection of photographs that bring the problem to life.

Now, I have no idea if there really is a problem. As we all know, Professional Climate Alarmists are now 0-44 in the alarmist predictions, but the irony at work here is a rich one. When you compare the coronavirus numbers in states that are not forcing everyone into a mask to those that are forcing everyone into a mask, it’s pretty clear these mask mandates are unnecessary.

But the very same left-wing grifters who fret over the environment are the very same left-wing tyrants who are forcing everyone to wear all these masks.

I wear a mask because I want to wear a mask, because my wife’s health and well-being are more important to me than any cause. But people who do not want to wear a mask should not have to wear a mask. We all know the risks and we should all be allowed to make our own decisions. This is especially true now that the data shows mask mandates and social distancing mandates and capacity restrictions and school closures appear to make no difference when it comes to coronavirus infection, hospitalization, and death rates.

And if I’m wearing a mask, what do I care if someone else is not?

Anyway, once again it is leftists causing pollution, just as it is leftists who cause all the worst problems in our country and world.

Where in America is the air and water dirty — Democrat-run cities.

Where in America is there a gun violence crisis — Democrat-run cities.

Where in America is there a hate crime crisis — Democrat-run cities.

Where in America is the air, water, and streets clean and safe — Rural America where all the Trump voters live.

We all own guns in MAGA Land and yet there is no gun violence crisis in MAGA Land.

We’re the ones constantly smeared as racist, and yet there is no hate crime crisis in MAGA Land.

We’re always accused of being anti-environment, and yet nowhere is the environment cleaner than in rural MAGA Land.

It’s not the masks causing all this environmental damage, it is another awful, unnecessary, stupid, and tyrannical Democrat policy causing all this damage.

Not that I care, mind you.

Out where I live, in MAGAtopia, the environment is clean and gorgeous.

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