UK Muslim School Bans Women from Applying for Science Teaching Job

UK Muslim School Bans Women from Applying for Science Teaching Job

A Muslim boys’ school in the UK has advertised for a temporary science teacher, but made it clear that women need not apply, reports The Telegraph.

The advert, published by Capita, requests a “Male Science Teacher” to cover lessons until the end of the current academic year for up to £150 a day.

Capita, an outsourcing company that advertising in behalf of a variety of public bodies, defended the advert, saying that the exclusion of women can be legally justified under special circumstances. The Equality Act allows employers to opt out of sex-discrimination legislation in specific circumstances, such as religious reasons.

The advert was later withdrawn, however, after a warning from the Department for Education on the need to comply with equality law.

The advertisement did not name the school, simply referring to it as an “Islamic School for boys” in Leicester, and Capita have refused the give out the name, in order, they say, to protect the school’s privacy.

A similar advert was placed last month by the Madani Boys School in Leicester, asking for a “Male Technician” for the IT department.  

A spokeswoman for Capita, referring to the opt-outs in the Equality Act, said: “These provisions are referred to as occupational requirements and they create exceptions that allow an employer to act in a way that would otherwise be discriminatory.

“Capita Education Resourcing is committed to equal opportunities both as an employer, and as an agency for the recruitment and placement of educational staff.”

The Department for Education, however, said: “Schools must comply with equality law.

“We asked Leicester City Council to raise this with the school and the advert has now been withdrawn.”

Last year there was a storm of controversy after it emerged that the Al Madinah Free School in Derby required female staff to wear head scarves. The school subsequently changed its policy.