How the EU Will Squander British Money

How the EU Will Squander British Money

Get Britain Out has long campaigned to stop the EU robbing the British taxpayer. So when it was announced earlier this week the EU wants to take an extra £2.4 billion from Britain, we were of course dismayed but not surprised.

Let’s call it what it is: this extortionate demand is typical of the EU and a direct outcome of their incompetence and irresponsibility.

It is no coincidence that the gargantuan black hole in their budget was announced shortly after the EU said they will give $15 billion to the new Ukrainian government. Notice anything suspicious?

Besides not being able to manage their own finances, they have the audacity to force British taxpayers to fund their ‘game of thrones’ with foreign powers. Yet nobody in the political establishment has the courage to defy the EU’s futile agenda.

No government in Europe is urging the EU to tackle their wasteful spending, nor are they urging the EU to practice fiscal discipline. In Brussels, there is no such thing!  

This issue is so much more than a question of the EU requiring a little more money from the UK to squander on their hobbyhorses. This goes to the very heart of what is wrong with the EU and Britain’s membership of it – reckless financial incompetence. 

Writing in the Daily Express, Leo McKinstry hit the nail on the head when he noted: “The same arrogance can be seen in the EU’s scandalous mismanagement of its own finances. Within the 24 miles of corridors in the European Commission’s HQ abuse is rife and waste endemic.”

Typically, a democratic government will be responsible with taxpayer’s money because they can be voted out if they misuse public funds.  The federalists in the EU are too deeply entrenched in the undemocratic institutions of the EU to be removed so easily. In their remote Olympus, they feel no responsibility at all for the hard-earned money of the peoples of Europe. Waste and squander is the rule.  

Why on earth should Britain plug a hole in the EU budget when the EU’s auditors routinely criticise the bloc’s woeful finances? And all this at a time when we are having to make deep cuts to spending at home.

This £2.4 billion will be added on to the extortionate £14 billion that Britain pays every year in order to be ruled by “federalist ideologues”, as McKinstry puts it. On top of these mounting costs are the further costs the Great British Public has to endure when the Eurocrats make reckless mistakes; whether it’s through fraud, corruption, irregularities, over-regulation, over-bureaucracy, misallocation of resources or sheer waste.

This unreasonable demand for £2.4 billion will see further squandering of British taxpayers’ money. The EU will continue to prioritise its own ideological project over and above the needs of Member States. Britain simply cannot afford such a useless project in the face of dealing with the huge deficit left by Labour. We have seen cuts in essential services such as policing and welfare, yet the EU has remained “completely insulated from financial realities”, in McKinstry’s words.

Get Britain Out calls on the British government not to hand over a single penny more to the reckless bankers in Brussels and to do everything in its power to prevent Western European money being lavished on a non-European regime which may be overthrown at any moment.

Alan Murad, Get Britain Out


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