Syrian Terrorist Group Blindfold and Crucify Thief

Syrian Terrorist Group Blindfold and Crucify Thief

A Syrian terrorist group have published a video showing them executing a suspected thief by shooting him in the head before stringing his lifeless body up on a cross.

The man is accused of “purposefully killing a Muslim to take his money”, and his trial was held in a Sharia court set up by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a terrorist group who have overrun the Syrian city of Raqqa.

The Daily Mail reports that crowds film the man on their phones as he is blindfolded and led from the court before being shot in the head at point-blank range. His lifeless and bloodied body is then tied to a cross and left for all to see.

ISIS are a splinter group from the Syrian rebel alliance against Assad. They have been fighting a ‘civil war within a civil war’ against fellow rebels who they believe to be insufficiently devout, and have become notorious for their strict interpretation of Sharia law.

The group also sponsored a British-born suicide bomber who last month blew himself up in Aleppo. Father-of-three Abdul Waheed Majeed, a former lorry driver from Crawley, West Sussex in south-east England, drove a lorry loaded with explosives into the wall of prison.

He had given up his job with the Highways Agency six months earlier to join an aid convoy to Syria.

The group were disowned by Al Qaeda last year and urged to lay down their weapons, but have so far decided to fight on in Syria, imposing their harsh interpretation of Islamic law on the areas they occupy.