MH370: Fresh Signals Found, Search Area Narrowed

MH370: Fresh Signals Found, Search Area Narrowed

Australian authorities have revealed that a ship has detected two more signals believed to be from the flight recorder of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

The BBC report that the Australian Ocean Shield ship found and monitored the two signals on Tuesday. It managed to hold the first for five minutes, and the second for seven minutes.

Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston, who is leading the Joint Agency Co-ordination Centre (JACC), said that the new signals had allowed teams to further narrow the search area,

“Ocean Shield has now detected four transmissions in the same broad area,” he said. “Yesterday’s signals will assist in better defining a reduced and much more manageable search area on the ocean floor.”

He also said: “I believe we are searching in the right area, but we need to visually identify aircraft wreckage before we can confirm with certainty that this is the final resting place of MH370.”

ACM Houston added, however, that it was still too early to deploy a submersible device to look for wreckage, saying it was important to refine the search area as much as possible first. He was hopeful, though, that this may be achieved very soon.

“Now hopefully with lots of transmissions we’ll have a tight, small area and hopefully in a matter of days we will be able to find something on the bottom.”

He further raised hopes by saying that experts from the Australian Joint Acoustic Analysis Centre had analysed the first two signal picked up a few days earlier and concluded that they could not be of natural original.

They must therefore be from electronic equipment.