Schools in 'Trojan Horse' Extremism Probe Named

Schools in 'Trojan Horse' Extremism Probe Named

Birmingham City Council has published a list of state schools under investigation over allegations of a hard line Islamist takeover.

The council issued the list in a statement today, following what it called “misinformation” in press coverage over the weekend.

On Sunday, the Telegraph published a leaked report by school inspectors Ofsted on three schools in the city: Park View, Golden Hillock and Nansen Primary.

Inspectors found instances of gender segregation at two of the schools, non-Muslim students having to “teach themselves” a GCSE (school leaving exam) subject, an extremist speaker addressing students at Park View, and a biology teacher briefly teaching the theory of evolution to comply with the government syllabus before saying “this is not what we believe”.

Council leader Sir Albert Bore said of the leak: “That such important and sensitive information has been leaked, particularly at this time, when further investigations are getting underway, is wholly reprehensible and completely unacceptable.”

He added that Osfted did not intend to publish its final report until the “first or second week of May”, and added that the council has not yet seen the draft version of the reports.

The government ordered emergency inspections at various schools in Birmingham following a series of allegations over hard line Islamists taking control of secular state schools, forcing out non-Muslim staff and imposing conservative Islamic practices on students.

The claims first came to light after a letter between two Islamic hardliners was leaked to the council and press, speaking of how Islamists had already used dirty tricks to take over schools and offering advice as to how to repeat it in other cities.

The schools under investigation are:

Adderley Primary School
Alston Primary School
Golden Hillock School
Gracelands Nursery School
Highfield Junior and Infant School
Ladypool Primary School
Marlborough Junior School
Montgomery Primary Academy
Nansen Primary
Ninestiles School
Oldknow Academy
Park View School
Regents Park Community Primary School
Saltley School and Specialist Science College
Small Heath School
Washwood Heath Academy
Waverley School
Welford Primary School