UK Political Establishment Rallies to Brand UKIP 'Euracist'

UK Political Establishment Rallies to Brand UKIP 'Euracist'

New evidence of a concerted ‘establishment’ attack against UKIP has come to light following the announcement of a ‘cross party’ campaign to brand Nigel Farage’s party ‘racist’.

The Migration Matters Trust, an organisation which boasts leadership from the Conservative, Liberal Democrats, and Labour parties, today announced a new initiative to undermine the UK Independence Party, highlighting what they call “Euracism”. 

The Guardian reports that the group, led by senior member of each of the three major political parties in Britain with House of Commons members intends to campaign via social media and through posters, declaring, “Ukip’s campaign needs to be exposed for what it is, a racist campaign. The party is practising what is in effect a form of ‘Euracism’. They are deploying the same language and tactics used by openly racist parties like the BNP, but instead of targeting migrants from Africa and Asia they are targeting migrants from within the EU.”

The campaign aims to discredit the increasingly popular UKIP on the run-up to the May 22nd European Elections. Despite numerous attacks by the mainstream media, and from every major political party, UKIP continues to gain in popularity with British voters.

Smears against UKIP posters, attacks on the party’s representatives, and even the recent ‘slut shaming’ of women in the party have however hardly endeared the voting public to the mainstream cause. The parties are concerned because polling recently showed that UKIP is taking 41 percent of 2010 Tory voters, 12 percent of Labour voters, and 19 percent of Liberal Democrat voters away from their respective parties.

Attacks on UKIP’s recent poster campaign, calling them ‘racist’, fell flat when it was revealed by polling that by and large the British public did not think of them as xenophobic or racist, but instead as a “hard hitting reflection of reality”.

Nonetheless, Tory Nadhim Zahawi, Lib Dem Lord Dholokia, and Labour’s Barbara Roache are spearheading a new initiative by Migration Matters Trust to discredit Farage and his colleagues: “Every day another example of Ukip racism is exposed, and every day Nigel Farage attempts to dismiss it with the same lazy ‘few rotten apples’ argument. It won’t wash.” said Roache.

But the tactic has been undermined by another senior Labour figure, Jacqui Smith, who told the Guardian that she was apprehensive about branding UKIP racist: “Did we not learn from ‘bigotgate’ in 2010 that there are many potential and actual Labour voters who feel all the frustrations and insecurities expressed by the Ukip poster campaign? Telling them they are wrong – and worse, closet racists – is unlikely to win their support”.

A UKIP spokesperson told Breitbart London: “This is another example of the media and political elite being out of touch with public opinion. We have all seen the polling and it is clear vast majority of ordinary people are coming round to the idea that the European Union project has failed them.”