Labour Party Campaigner Faces Sack over 'Gimp in Basement' Accusation

Labour Party Campaigner Faces Sack over 'Gimp in Basement' Accusation

A Labour Party activist faces the sack after he accused a Liberal Party councillor of harbouring a gimp, or leather-bound sex slave, in his cellar.

West Derby activist Stephen Poulson made local headlines after suggesting that gay councillor Steven Radford gave money to the scouts for sexual reasons, and had a gimp kept under his house. Radford claimed that he believes the comments were made because of his sexuality. 

Poulson’s comments are said to be the latest in a long-line of attacks against Radford. He wrote on Facebook: “Was no on to the fact we had a fancy dress yesterday!! Cllr Radford and his candidate (the gimp from the cellar) Came dressed as tramps and ate all our butties [sandwiches] like they had been living in the bus stop”.

Cllr Radford said: “This absolutely outrageous behaviour has been going on for two years and yet here he is going out handing out leaflets.

“What responsible political party would have someone like this doing that? They’ve had the chance to deal with it for two years.

“Had it been someone from UKIP saying these kinds of things, you would have had Labour up in arms over it.”

Indeed it would likely have made national headlines, if not front pages, were it a UKIP member. But alas so far the reporting has been confined to PinkNews, the Mail Online, and the Liverpool Echo.

Radford of course denies there is a sex slave in his cellar, and said, “I don’t even have a cellar. I wish I could afford a house with a cellar.”

The Liberal Party was founded in 1989 in opposition to the merger between the original Liberal Party (est. 1859) and the Social Democratic Party. It has no Members of Parliament, no members of the House of Lords, no European Parliamentary members, and just 21 councillors out of a nationwide potential of 21,871. 

The phrase ‘gimp’ rose to popularity after the Quentin Tarantino movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ which depicts a man in a bondage suit known as “the gimp”.