WATCH: Channel 4 Interview Stitch-Up Fails as Romanian Woman Agrees with Farage

WATCH: Channel 4 Interview Stitch-Up Fails as Romanian Woman Agrees with Farage

An interview aired on Channel 4 News last night took a turn against the presenter Jon Snow as the Romanian guest ended up agreeing with UKIP’s Nigel Farage about “unruly Romanians”.

The interview opened by introducing Mariana Gordan, who came to the UK 30 years ago as a refugee. Known left-wing sympathiser and Channel 4 interviewer Jon Snow “cut to the quick” and asked Ms. Gordan, who escaped imprisonment under Romanian tyrant Ceausescu, “How would you feel if somebody told you you would have to live next door to Nigel Farage?”

Gordan replied, “I would say he wasn’t far wrong about his… you know… I wouldn’t want to live next door to a bunch of unruly Romanians myself, whether in England or in Romania.”

“So to some extent he’s right?” probed Snow.

“Of course,” said Gordan, “…he was right, Romania is not a civilised country… this is not a race issue, I do not think Nigel Farage is racist. I think he’s learned something from this influx of Romanians, some of them because are mixed up with gypies… it’s just politically incorrect to call them gypies anymore… you can’t… we can’t even tell them apart. They have bad habits of exploiting their women and children and they are unruly”.

Challenged again by Snow, who was clearly seeking a different response, Gordan said: “My argument is not about race, it is about right and wrong. Britain is the most civilised country in the world and if people come here they should be civilised.”

“Politically, [Farage] was possibly wrong,” he ends, after pressure from Snow. At which point he says, “Ok. Possibly wrong,” and ends the interview with Gordan.