ISIS British Jihadist Brags About Executions on Social Media

ISIS British Jihadist Brags About Executions on Social Media

Islamic State (formerly ISIS) British jihadist Reyaad Khan, 20, boasted about executions and murders of prisoners on Twitter. He is proud of his horrid behavior, the United Kingdom could try him for war crimes if he returns to the country. However, there is no substantial proof he took part in the executions or just a witness.

The Sunday Times reported his Twitter account is under Abu Dujana RK and the majority of the photos are too graphic to post. On July 16, he posted a few pictures of dead bodies from the Jabhat al-Nusra jihadist group and said, “JN guys we caught & executed. This is how they looked less than an hr l8ter.” His group apparently captured a house and showed off items they seized from the dead men.

He said his group received a US army truck with weapons.

The United Nations will review his exclamations and decide is he should be added to the Syrian war crimes list. The organization is finally considering adding IS to the list despite the fact the jihadist group has been slaughtering people since March 2013.

“Boasts on social media are admissible evidence for the prosecution,” said former UN appeals judge Geoffrey Robertson QC. “If you fight for Isis, your complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity would be virtually inevitable.”

Khan and three friends left the UK in June to join the jihad in Syria. Four years ago, he appeared in a video about young kids in the Cardiff area and the filmmaker was impressed by Khan’s knowledge of politics. Khan said he wants to rid the world of evil and hoped to become the UK’s first Asian prime minister.


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