French Journalist Insists He Can Help Jihad John Search As SAS Prepare To Strike

French Journalist Insists He Can Help Jihad John Search As SAS Prepare To Strike

As the world focuses its attention on London in the search for the Jihadi known as John who brutally murdered James Foley, a French journalist has spoken publicly for the first time about his time at the hands of the terrorist. Didier Francois was held with Foley, and now claims in the Times he can help locate John and other members of the British gang known as the Beatles. 

Didier Francois has never before talked about his experiences as a kidnapped journalist in Syria. But after the brutal murder of James Foley he has spoken for the first time of his desire to help catch those responsible for his ordeal and those of other journalists still in captivity.

Mr Francoise is a 53-year-old reporter for the radio station Europe 1, and has also stated that he could be helpful to the manhunt as he was held with Foley. Francois admitted that he had never seen any of the The Beatles without masks but did say he could contribute to catching them as that he knew some basic details about them nevertheless.

Mr François said that the group of jailers “had a taste for the macabre” and that he had a “rough idea” of the identity of John. He also claimed that Foley’s nationality and his brother’s service in the US Airforce had ensured the treatment against him was appalling.

British authorities have not yet given a name of who they suspect but as reported on Breitbart London there are rumours about the brother of an NHS doctor. Dr Shajul Islam was accused of kidnapping a journalists along with his 21-year-old brother Razul, who is still believed to be fighting with ISIS in Syria. 

British Authorities have confirmed that Metropolitan Police headquarters at Scotland Yard will be used by the US intelligence services to help track down John. The military have also put Britain’s elite SAS on the ready to go into ISIS territory and bring any suspects back to London to face immediate trial.

Whilst there are not a huge number of clues in the video of Foley’s murder as it is only 2 minutes and 20 seconds long it does give authorities something to go on. The British already have a lists of British terrorists they believe are in the ISIS controlled area, and can use that for comparison. John is standing next to Foley and as a result it will be possible to work out his height using comparisons with Foley.

Given the high profile nature of the actions of John and the concerted effort being made to find him he is likely to be caught in the end. The bone of contention however is likely to be that Britain would insist of putting him on trial in London where the death penalty was abolished decades ago. 

As this falls into the category of “a murder done for the purpose of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause” if the offender is over the age of 21 the Crown Prosecution Sentencing Guidelines state they will receive a “whole life order”. This means that for the safety of the public they will never be released.