UK Govt Employee Sent to 'Diversity Training' for Calling Pakistani Rotherham Rapists 'Asian Men'

UK Govt Employee Sent to 'Diversity Training' for Calling Pakistani Rotherham Rapists 'Asian Men'

A researcher in Britain’s Home Office, which is responsible for domestic security and border control, was reprimanded and sent to a ‘two day ethnicity and diversity course’ for refering to the Pakistani rapists in Rotherham as ‘Asian’.

The worker, who was speaking to the BBC’s Panorama programme, noted that senior officials in the department told them to “never refer to that again” when they raised the issue of Muslim men grooming young white girls in Rotherham.

An image tweeted by Panorama’s Jane Bradley shows part of a legal document that claims that the researcher was told: “you must never refer to Asian men”. 

“The other response [to raising the issue]”, they claimed, “was to book me on a 2 day ethnicity and diversity course to raise my awareness of ethnic issues”.

The revelation will add further fuel to the fire surrounding the Rotherham case, where it is alleged that civil servants, council staff, and local police turned a blind eye to the mass grooming and rape of 1400 children, some who were in government care facilities.

Last week saw the resignation of the Deputy Police Crime Commissioner, and the resignation from the Labour Party of the local police Chief Shaun Wright. But the latter refuses to give up his job proper, while the council’s Chief Executive is also clinging onto power. The pair together are paid over £300,000 a year in taxpayer money.

Since the news of the case broke, speculation has been rife that pandering to multiculturalism and tiptoeing around the fact that most of the rapists were Pakistani men led to government officials burying their heads in the sand over the issue.

So far over 12,000 people have called for Shaun Wright to resign in a petition.


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