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UKIP on the Offensive… Literally! Deputy Leader Calls Ex-Tory MP a 'Nob'

UKIP on the Offensive… Literally! Deputy Leader Calls Ex-Tory MP a 'Nob'

Expressing his exasperation over comments about British seaside town Clacton by a “mouthpiece” of the “London chatterati”, UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall has written a lengthy rant in the Daily Sport newspaper telling “London PC nobs” “we’re not like you”.

The UKIP MEP was reacting to an article by Times columnist and former Conservative MP Matthew Parris, in which he urges his fellow Tories to give up on Britain’s traditional seaside resort towns for being “backward”. Nuttall slams him for being “as wet as the bloke who was ice-bucketed in the carpark of my local boozer”.

Showing his flair for colourful and imaginative language, Nuttall lashed out at the denizens of the “elite… right on, liberal, North London” world of Islington Dinner parties, saying “I’ve had it up to here with these guacamole-dipping, claret-sipping sanctimonious drips”.

It’s not all comical critique of the North-London elite for UKIP, though. In a move sure to appeal to the young of heart, UKIP have started handing out sticks of traditional seaside rock in party colours, urging voters to “rock politics”. Perhaps if the local party want to continue the theme, they could also give out Nuttall-‘Knobs’; a traditional name for humbug sweets. 

The Clacton by-election will be held on October 9th.


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