Yes Supporter Travels With Family From English South Coast To Beg For 'New Country Tomorrow'

Yes Supporter Travels With Family From English South Coast To Beg For 'New Country Tomorrow'

EDINBURGH, United Kingdom – In Scotland today over four million people are expected to travel to the ballot box to decide their country’s future. But none have travelled further that Harry Winning from Torquay, who came to the Apex West End polling station today to ask his fell countrymen to vote yes, despite not having a vote himself.

Mr Winning is one of several million Scottish people living in the rest of the United Kingdom who do not qualify for a vote. However, his disenfranchisement did not curb his desire to be in Scotland for the vote and his patriotic fever.

Winning had travelled north on a four day visit specially with his son Scott and his English daughter-in-law Sam. He claimed he had made the visit because he “hoped to wake up to a new country tomorrow.”

Mr Winning told Breitbart London: “I have come here in the hope that Scotland will be a new country tomorrow. There is not one oil rich country on the planet that has had oil for 30 years and is poorer now than it was then.

“We have 100,000 children in poverty and it’s a disgrace for this to happen in a country with all this mineral wealth.”

When asked why his views were so different from most Scots living in England he said: “Well there are pressures on Scottish people living in England. But most of them only live there because they need the jobs.

“I believe in what Alex Salmond said, London is a black hole, it sucks all the jobs, money and most importantly talent out of the rest of the UK. This isn’t just a problem in Scotland but it also hurts northern England and Wales as well.”

In an odd quirk of the voting system, had Winning living anywhere in the world aside from England, Wales or Northern Ireland he would have been entitled to vote. This is because voters are entitled to vote at their current or former UK polling district. This means that had he left the UK entirely he would have retained his entitlement to vote by post as if he still lived in Scotland.


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