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One Dead, One Severely Injured in German Asylum Shelter Mass Brawl

One Dead, One Severely Injured in German Asylum Shelter Mass Brawl

One man has been killed and another severely injured in a fight at a shelter for asylum seekers in Wolfsburg, Germany. Sixty police officers were called to the scene, as witnesses reported hearing the sound of gun-fire.

According to a report by The Local, the fight had dispersed by the time police arrived on the scene, just after 8.30pm last night. Both men found injured by the officers and were taken to hospital following a mass brawl. One died shortly afterwards, whilst another is now in intensive care. No arrests have been made.

Calls to the emergency services came from within the shelter in the Fallersleben area, and included reports of gun-fire, but no weapon or evidence of guns being used has yet been found by the police. “We’re now investigating where these gun-shot reports came from and if there was any merit,” police spokesman Sven-Marco Claus told The Local.

The asylum community, which has 30 rooms for refugees to stay in, is now being treated as a crime scene and has been closed. Busses were used to move all residents, who mainly hail from various African countries, to alternative accommodation. A police helicopter was also used to follow trails of blood leading away from the site in an attempt to find any more injured parties, but none were found.

The large police presence included officers and dog patrols from Wolfsburg, Gifhorn, Königslutter, Salzgitter, Helmstedt and Braunschweig. 


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