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MP Calls for French Army to be Deployed to Stop Calais Migrants

MP Calls for French Army to be Deployed to Stop Calais Migrants

The Conservative MP for Monmouth David Davies has called for the French Army to be drafted in to help protect cross-Channel ferry passengers.

Police in the port town are preparing to join a mass rally over migrants camped in Calais who, say the MP, are “threatening public safety”.

Mr Davies, a former long-distance lorry driver said: “The French authorities must get to grips with what’s happening. If necessary, they need to call in the Army.

“In short, they need to do everything possible to maintain public order and the safety of passengers.”

Scenes from the port area seen when Breitbart London visited the town showed the French police hugely outnumbered by migrants who were gathered in groups of hundreds by the roadside and openly trying to climb aboard lorries bound for the cross channel ferries.

French police were struggling to cope with the numbers and determination of the migrants, many from Eritrea and Syria, and were often surrounded by groups as they sought to keep order only with orders and the blowing of whistles. 

Gangs ran across the road in front of lorries and chased cars in their attempts to gain access to the port in what is a daily struggle for the French police and the authorities.

The debate was reignited in September when Mayor Nataha Bouchart said that Britain had a duty to tell would be migrants that the UK was not El Dorado and demanded David Cameron came to the town.


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