Terror Suspect Accused of Plot Against Blair Sang 'We're Gonna Slit their Throats', Court Hears

Terror Suspect Accused of Plot Against Blair Sang 'We're Gonna Slit their Throats', Court Hears

A terror suspect accused of plotting an attack against Tony Blair sang “We’re gonna slit their throats” in an Arabic song praising jihadis, London’s Old Bailey court has heard.

Erol Incedal, who is of Turkish origin, also told his wife that he was in “the last few months of his life”, said that he wanted to run over police officers and said that he hated white people.

The court heard that Incedal sang the offending lyrics during a song praising terrorists and mimicked shooting noises while pointing his phone at people.

The Daily Mail reports that the song and his other comments were picked up after police bugged his car, something that also revealed him laughing and joking as he watched violent videos featuring scenes of destruction from the conflict in Syria.

Incedal has pleaded not guilty to plotting various acts of terrorism over a 20 month period until his arrest last October. Prosecutors say that he may have been plotting a Mumbai-style attack, in reference to a terror attack in the Indian city where gunmen entered a hotel and started shooting indiscriminately.

On Tuesday, Breitbart London reported that Tony Blair’s home address had been found written on a piece of paper found in Incedal’s car, raising the possibility that he was planning an attack on the former Prime Minister. Detailed bomb making instructions were also found on memory stick in his position.

It has now also been revealed that soon after the bug was placed in Mr Incedal’s car, it picked up a row with his wife, in which she said she wanted to end their marriage to which he responded: “I’m never going to be around for long anyway so it doesn’t make any difference to me. At least the last few months of my life, I’ll live with peace of mind.”

The following day, he watched a film in the car that blamed 9/11 on a Jewish conspiracy and praised Osama bin Laden as a revolutionary.

Later, while speaking to a friend, Incedal was recorded saying that had he watched many Jihadi videos, but “it doesn’t do anything to me,” before adding: “But the Dola [Al Qaeda] ones… it just puts this thing in your head that you just want to do drive-bys.

“They do it a lot, bruv, and they have got this special Uzi machine gun and silencer with it – it is nuts.”

Incedal’s trial is the first in Britain that will be heard partially in secret, meaning that some parts of it will never be made public for the sake of national security.


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