**Live Updates** Shooting at Canadian War Memorial, Parliament

**Live Updates** Shooting at Canadian War Memorial, Parliament

Armed police have Ottowa in lockdown today after a number of shots have been reported fired in the political capital of Canada, including at the national war memorial, inside the national parliament, and in a nearby hotel.

  • Canadian news sources have reported one shooter has been killed within the parliament building it Ottowa, and at least two, but perhaps as many as four others remains at large
  • CBC reports: “the dead shooting suspect is Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian born in 1982.”
  • One Canadian soldier, who is reported to have been guarding the national war memorial in Ottowa was shot at 10am local time, and is believed to have been killed. He has now been identified as 24-year-old Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. Another two people are being treated in hospital; they are rumoured to be parliamentary guards.
  • Dozens of shots have been exchanged within the parliament building, with one video apparently recording thirty shots fired in the ‘Hall of Honour’
  • Police are clearing streets of civilians in Ottowa after reports of a shooting in the upmarket Fairmont Chateau Laurier hotel, which overlooks the parliament buildings
  • There have been reports of shooters on roof tops taking shots at first responders, but this has not yet been confirmed by police
  • Reporters told to take cover near Rideau Shopping Centre, reports that shots have been fired
  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper is safe, has been briefed by the security services and will address the nation later today

Eye witnesses report that the soldier was shot by the war memorial outside the building, and that an armed man was then seen running towards the building where more shots were heard.

The parliament building is currently in lockdown, with legislators still inside as police clear each room in turn. It is thought a gunman may still be at large, and a video shared by the Canadian Globe and Mail indicates there have been dozens of shots exchanged inside. 

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was within the Parliament building when the incident began, but was immedaitely moved to a secure location by his security detail. The Victorian parliament building has very quickly been surrounded by police armoured vehicles, and a number of support vehicles including a crane have now arrived. 

One parliamentary staffer has described the first gunman as being around 5 foot 9 tall, overweight and with an ‘Arabic scarf’ covering his face. It is not known if this was the gunman killed by the master-at-arms inside the parliament building. 

The attack comes just 48-hours after another attack on service personel in Canada, in which a recent convert to Islam ran down two soldiers with his car and was then shot as he charged police officers. One of the soldiers hit died in the incident. 

Josh Wingrove, a reporter who is within the building says that a gunman is within the building and that he has heard “dozens” of gunshots.

The Ottawa Royal Canadian Mounted Police have asked for people to stop Tweeting and Facebooking the location of their officers:

The video from the Globe and Mail is below:


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