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Taylor Swift Tops Canadian iTunes Chart with 8 Seconds of White Noise

Taylor Swift Tops Canadian iTunes Chart with 8 Seconds of White Noise

An eight-second segment of white noise released by mistake on the internet has gone straight to the top of the Canadian iTunes chart within hours of its release after fans were misled into believing that it was the work of bestselling country pop chanteuse Taylor Swift.

The ‘song’, entitled Track 3 appears to have been released as a result of a Canadian iTunes service glitch. It came at the same time as another, legitimate track release by the American country singer and songwriter. Despite containing both lyrics and instrumental music, the three minute and thirty-three second long Welcome to New York was beaten to the top spot by it’s more concise, austere stable-mate. 

Though the track has since been removed from sale, it was bought by enough Swift-hungry fans at $1.29 a time to keep it in first place in the Canadian iTunes chart into this morning. There has not yet been any comment on the incident from Miss Swift, her record label or iTunes and what will happen to the money taken in return for the track is presently unknown. 

Taylor Swift has sold over 25 million worldwide, in addition to over 50 million downloads. It was reported in 2013 her high album sales and popular musical tours had made her the highest earning musical artist in the world, taking $39 million in one year.


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