EU Migrant Rules are ‘Red Line’, Poland Tells Britain

EU Migrant Rules are ‘Red Line’, Poland Tells Britain

Poland has warned British Prime Minister David Cameron against his plans to reform European Union migration rules to curb the number of arrivals, saying this was an “absolute red line”.

Cameron last week unveiled proposals including delaying access to benefits for EU migrants for four years and deporting EU migrants if they have not found work after six months.

The proposals would require changing EU treaties.

But he said that if Britain were to change its welfare system to make it contributions-based, “we then could talk about changes if they were absolutely non-discriminatory”.

Cameron is under pressure ahead of a May 2015 general election as support grows for the UK Independence Party, which campaigns against mass immigration and for Britain to leave the EU.

Poles are among the largest group of EU nationals who come to Britain looking for work.

In his speech last week, Cameron said his proposed reforms were a “red line” for Britain and hinted that a failure to reform could imperil its European Union membership.


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