London Gun Control Group Will Destroy Your Gun, Send You A ‘Thank You’ Note, For £5

London Gun Control Group Will Destroy Your Gun, Send You A ‘Thank You’ Note, For £5

Founded by London artist McCrow, One Less Gun is a gun control group asking people to donate a firearm and £5 to cover the destruction of the firearm. The donor will receive a thank you note in the form of a bullet casing with the serial number of the weapon destroyed etched upon it. 

Why? One Less Gun says its because “1,000 people a day are dying as a result of [guns],” thus it follows in their minds that lessening the number of guns will equal a lessening the number of deaths. 

Of course, this equation fails if only law-abiding citizens donate guns for destruction. In which case, law-abiding citizens will find themselves less well-armed while criminals will remain armed and will be emboldened by their victims growing inability to fight back. 

Nevertheless, One Less Gun says:

Like it or not, guns are a part of popular culture. They are integral to many of our favorite games and films [and] are in all likelihood to remain so for many generations to comes. One Less Gun is simply dedicated to reducing their number and promoting a social responsibility to this fact. One Less Gun offers everybody the opportunity to contribute to the solution of this largely ignored problem. By texting onelessgun to 70007 on your mobile phone you can destroy a gun for £5. Our target is to destroy one million weapons. That will save lives, stabilize communities and make a safer world. 

Again, it is worth noting that if only law-abiding citizens donate guns for destruction One Less Gun will not make the world safer buy far more dangerous. It will do this by taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens–guns that could be used for self-defense–while leaving guns in the hands of criminals–guns that will be used for mayhem and treachery. 

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