UKIP Removes General Secretary Following Sexual Harrassment Allegations

Roger Bird

UKIP has pushed out its General Secretary Roger Bird, following allegations of sexual harassment against him. Breitbart London sources have confirmed that Bird was exonerated by the investigation into his action but he was forced to sign an “amicable agreement” because “relations had broken down between party officials”.

Bird’s downfall began when Natasha Bolter was introduced to UKIP at the party conference in September. Following her arrival the two got close, but she accused him of sexual harassment after she was denied the candidacy South Basildon.

Initially Bolter’s allegations gained significant traction in the media but Bird fought back by publishing text messages which implied a much closer relationship than she had presented. Following the release of the text messages the media began looking into Bolter’s CV and uncovered a series of lies within it.

She had claimed to have studies Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Wadham College, Oxford. However, the university confirmed they had no record of her ever studying there. Journalists were also unable to locate any friends or room mates from her time there. She was also unclear on her age, leading to suggestions that her whole CV may have been fiction.

Party insiders have suggested that Bird’s removal might have more to do with internal party politics than anything he may have done. Although he encouraged her application for South Basildon once she was an approved candidate, he had initially failed her on the assessment for the candidates list.

With Bird out of the way the party chairman is now likely to appoint Lisa Duffy, who is Chief of Staff to Patrick O’Flynn MEP. Although Duffy’s relationship with O’Flynn is known to be strained, she is a close ally of party chairman Steve Crowther and her appointment would boost his position within the party.

Breitbart London understands that whilst the agreement between UKIP and Bird does not mention a financial settlement, he will get a pay off. He is believed to have signed the agreement to quell further negative press coverage, which he believes will further damage his future career. Insiders claim he also remains loyal to Nigel Farage and is keen to put the situation behind UKIP ahead of the General Election.

This article was published at 2:27pm, UKIP made the formal announcement at 3pm today.


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