83-Year-Old Woman Mugged for £20 on Christmas Day


An 83-year-old woman was mugged for £20 on Christmas Day in what police have described as a “callous and violent” attack.

The BBC reports that the woman, from Bournemouth on the south coast of England, left her home at 11.30 on Christmas morning for a walk before lunch when she was pushed to the ground a man.

He took her handbag, wrenching it from her grasp, and left her lying on the pavement. Her purse and cards were later recovered but a sum of “a little over £20 in cash was missing”, police said.

Passers-by discovered the woman lying on the ground. She was forced to spend the rest of Christmas Day in hospital with a fractured wrist.

The woman described her attacker as white, in his 20s, of average height and slim build. He was wearing dark clothing, and also had dark hair.