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Terrorists organise suicide bombings from inside Lebanese prison

Wikimedia Commons

A Lebanese prison building is now the command base for terrorists in Lebanon with the latest suicide bomb attack orchestrated from prisoners’ bunk beds.

According to local newspaper An-Nahar, Lebanese forces transferred detainees inside the notorious Roumieh prison Monday amid heavy security after an investigation showed that some had exchanged calls with a man who later conducted a suicide bombing that killed nine people.

The suicide bombing at a cafe in Tripoli on Saturday which killed nine people and left 37 injured was claimed to have been carried out by the Nusra Front, Syira’s al-Qaeda branch. The coffee shop was in the predominantly Alawite Jabal Mohsen neighbourhood of the City.

A security source told the paper that investigations have revealed the plot had primarily originated by prisoners in the ‘B’ building of the notorious jail.

The Internal Security Forces (ISF) announced that the operation was part of a general security plan that is to be implemented in all Lebanese territories.

On discovering the plans, some detainees set fire to their mattresses to stop the moving of prisoners into different buildings, separating them from each other. ISF were clearly prepared for trouble from the inmates, with local television cameras showing helicopters hovering above the prison, situated near Beirut.

A source said that this building has been out of the security’s control years ago.

“Some prisoners have recruited a big number of suicide bombers across Lebanon. After being purveyed with requisite plans and commands, provided with bombs and maps of targeted areas, terrorist are waiting for the final signal to hit their target”, the source added.

The source also added that all the information revealed in the meeting were attached with phone calls recordings and other forms of contact between Building ‘B’ captives and terrorists outside.

An-Nahar English’s editor Martin Jay told Breitbart London:

“What’s happening right now in Roumieh is particularly worrying as, although this particular incident is linked to Nusra, it could have so easily been IS, as the prison holds a great many of these extremists as well who most Lebanese know are running their terror operations from their cells.

“Roumieh is an oddity as it contains the most hard core terrorists in the entire region, but the manner and comfort that some of them live is truly staggering as most have access to internet, as the recent incident with UK hate preacher Omar Bakri who recently was also detained there.

“But they also have a number of other services which can all be organized for a price raising the obvious question or whether it really is a prison or a security operation to protect them – as there have been cases in the past where inmates have refused to attend their court hearings.”

Only hours into the operation, Nusra Front tweeted a threat to the Lebanese state:

“Following the security degradation in Lebanon, wait for a surprise concerning the fate of our war captives”, they wrote.

They then posted a picture showing a man bleeding in the head, claiming to be one of the victims of the ISF’s operations.

ISF denied the rumours of injuries inside Roumieh and said on its Twitter account that “the circulated pictures are photoshopped”.


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